Driving Vancouver Porsche 911 GT3 997.1 Owner’s Review

I am in love with my new-to-me GT3. Truly madly deeply. Despite the epic internet hype the 997 GT3 is the first car I’ve owned where the driving experience not only lives up to its lofty expectations but actually surpasses them. The clutch is herculean and the shifter is stiff and soon my left leg and right arm will be disproportionate in sizes. But I don’t care. This car is uncompromising, unapologetic and most importantly, prioritizes feel above all else. The steering sends so much information through my arms they are practically hardwired to the front axle. This is exactly the kind of hyper-alive old school steering feel that has become lost with modern electric power steering (991 included). The chassis communicates in a way that not only embraces the classic and flawed 911 sense of balance, but also allows me to minutely adjust its cornering attitude by pressing on or lifting off the throttle. I can rail corners while keeping the horizon completely level but unlike modern high performance cars that are at least equally proficient, the GT3 keeps me deeply involved in its conversation and is happy to steer with the throttle. The 3.6L mezger engine is not only a tool to motivate and balance the chassis, but a musical instrument to delight my soul. Under every overpass and inside every tunnel, the need to blip two downshifts and mash the throttle is instinctive and impossible to overcome. In those fine moments where the chassis is loaded up, the steering is alive and I’m dancing on the throttle and brakes and clutch the way a soccer player dances with a ball, I am utterly lost in its driving experience. If there ever was enlightenment in the automotive world, then the GT3 is it. This is the car I’ve been searching for my entire life.


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